Steel Magic Northwest Policies

For ALL parents and adult participants

Refunds: As a new organization, Steel Magic Northwest is not in the position to be able to refund payments. We have worked to keep the time commitment and tuition down so that as many participants as possible can try out the program for a reasonable length of time to see if they enjoy it.

Media: It is necessary for Steel Magic Northwest to maintain public visibilty and to publicize and promote the program throughout the community. Therefore, photographic images, video, and audio taken from rehearsals and performances may be made public in the effort to share what we are all about. Parents of participants, and adult participants are asked to sign a photo/video/audio release form. You have our assurance that names and other personal information about the participants will remain confidential and not be publicized without  authorization. If you wish yourself or your child to not be shown in media, please let us know and we will make every reasonable effort to filter content as needed.

Attendance: Any successful musical ensemble depends on regular rehearsal and concert attendance by its members. We understand that there are occasional scheduling conflicts. However, regular attendance is required in order to maintain a successful program. We ask that if you not enroll if you anticipate your child’s attendance to be less than 75%. Attendance at pre-scheduled concerts is mandatory. By paying the tuition, you agree to make every reasonable effort to see that your child is at each rehearsal on time.

For parents of youth participants

Transportation and pick-up time: We know that transporting your children to and from after school acitivities can be time-consuming and burdensome, and we respect the time and effort parents put forth to get their children where they need to go on time. Steel Magic Northwest does not provide transportation to and from its classes. By paying the tuition, you agree to arrange for your child's  transportation to classes on time (as early as 30 minutes before the class starts) , and you agree to arrange for the child to be picked up before the final pick-up time for each class (30 minutes after the class has ended). Due to insurance limitations, Steel Magic Northwest cannot coordinate carpools; but meeting other parents at the parent meeting is a good way to build relationships that can result in future carpooling opportunities.

Each class has a 15-minute pre-class open time for socializing, having a snack, and individual practice, and a 15-minute after-class open time for additional practice or socializing. You may drop your child off as much as 15 minutes prior to a class, or pick them as late as 15 minutes after the class has ended. By paying tuition, you agree to pay an additional fee to Steel Magic Northwest if you are late picking up your child (requiring staff to remain past closing hours). Parents are welcome to stay on premises during classes, but there may or may not be a separate space available for you that is insulated from the sound of the class. In our Edmonds prgram, younger siblings are welcome as long as they are supervised and not a distraction to the class. We welcome not just students into our program, but their familes as well!

Behavior/disciplinary:  In addition to regular attendance, Steel Magic Northwest is based on RESPECT: respect for the instruments, respect for the instructor, respect for fellow students and parents and the value of their time. In the first class, we like to have students sign their own (non-legally binding) "contract," promising their respect in these areas in addition to regular attendance. This idea is based on former PTA-run steel band programs we have encountered, and it works well. Though not legally binding in any way, by signing this agreement, they have taken a formal action to enter a behavioral agreement, and feel a bit more invested in the group. Here is the text of that agreement:

As a participant in the Steel Magic Northwest steel orchestra program, I agree to the following:
1. I will respect the goals of the group and honor my commitment to the group by being on time and having consistent attendance. I understand that steel band is a team activity and that my absence will negatively impact the group’s efforts. I respect the value of the time we have to be together to learn the music.
2. I will treat the instructor, other band members, parents, and all Steel Magic Northwest volunteers, Board members, and staff respectfully. I will maintain a positive attitude, follow given instructions, and strive to get along well with others.
3. I will respect the steel pans and other equipment, and treat them with utmost care, because I understand that they are unique, custom-built, hand-crafted instruments that are very difficult to repair or replace.

4. I will respect and abide by the rules of the facility (school grounds rules).

The Artistic Director countersigns the document with this pledge:
As Artistic Director of Steel Magic Northwest, I agree to the following:
1. I will respect each participant as an individual, and make the effort to get to know each person.
2. I will respect the value of our time together, and work hard to help the group be the best it can be, using our time efficiently. I will always do my best to see to keep our time together fun, but productive.
3.  I will respect the goals of the organization and will work hard to help it grow and to provide meaningful performance opportunities for the participants.

In addition, our youth peforming ensemble program is 100% alcohol, tobacco, and drug free.

Steel Magic Northwest reserves the right to deal with behavioral issues as needed in each given situation. This may involve requesting a conference with parents. In extreme cases, we reserve the right to expel participants from our program without refund.

Disrcimination: Steel Magic Northwest is an inclusive family-based organization, and does not discriminate based on race, nationality, ethnicity, or sexual orientation or gender identity.