We gratefully acknowledge the support of these individuals and institutions for the contributions made to our orgraniztion.

FOUNDING SUPPORTERS (those who funded the purchase of our instruments and our start-up expenses and who provided us with other support before we had a program to show for it):

The Norcliffe Foundation
The [Anonymous] Foundation
The Discuren Foundation
The Hazel Miller Foundation
Tulalip Tribes Charitable Fund
The Moccasin Lake Foundation
Chris Miller
Roger Gibson
Diane Gordon
David Shirley
Cindy Wentworth
Ryan Fox
Edmonds Family Medicine
Amy Grady
Scott Ketron
Jennifer and Jeff Patterson
Doug Eastman
Miho Takakawa
Don Dieterich
Gary Gibson
Cold Steel (Steel Orchestra, Fairbanks, AK)
Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wilson
Valerie Stein
Dan Gibson
Jed Marshall
Caster Solutions
Michael Wooten
Ryan Brady, Dorsey & Whitney, LLP
Dennis Martin / Rhythmical Steel
Lynda O'Shaughnessy / Washington Women's Foundation
One Soul Revolution

who keep our program going and help us keep it accessible to all):

The Norcliffe Foundation
The Lucky Seven Foundation
The [Anonymous] Foundation
The Smiling Dog Foundation
Miller's Rent-All
Pagliacci Pizza
Sean Dolan
Kathleen Hecox
Anne and Bruce Barner
Jeff & Jennifer Patterson
Scott Ketron
Don Dieterich
Lori & Michael Bento
Valerie Stein
Beverly Nelson
Nancy House & Todd Gale
Ryan Brady
Bill Bacon
Lanita & John Wright
Meg Fuell
Carl Setzer
Debbie Goodwin
Mertha Wertz
Kim Shull
Kendra Wanzenried
Heidi DeBoer
Janet & Harry Patterson
Jan Hartle
Bill Hecox
Blaine Doherty
Don & June Fitzpatrick
Brad & Heather Sturgill
Jim & Aue Mulik
Dave & Euni DeCordoba
Thelma Belz
Sonja Adams
D.L. Seaver
T. Connor
K. Pasowicz
Patty Desy
Nikolay Klimenko
Kim Scott
Dan Fair
William Dolan
Heather Barner
Bud Bunker
Alean Teshomu
Rory Baxter
Rick Bonnette
Nancy Sauder
Bob Pack
Waterman Family
Arnie Knudson
Lavri Moe
Michelle & Joe Carroll
Cindy Wentworth
Terry Gray
Michelle Patterson
Mandy Patterson-Milam
Rick Wright
Carl Setzer
Patricia Albert
Barbara Berkley
Debbie Goodwin
Michelle Draper
Mulu Beyene
Monica Wheaton
Rodney Vieira
Doug Link
Donna Hatch
Dan Gibson
Kristen Behan
Roger Gibson
Linda Doehne
Debbie Schlosser
Dianna Lynn Davis