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Spring/summer 2016
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First concert
The first performance on these instruments was as a part of the Edmonds School District's Summer Music SChool, on July 15th, 2016!

rehearsal set up
And here they all are. This is how the band sets up for rehearsal. For performance, we'll set up a little differently.

alan tuning
Builder/tuner Alan Coyle putting the finishing touches on the pans.

in cases
Back home for tuning!

with logo
And with the logo applied!

two coats of purple
After two coats of Steel Magic Purple!

ready to paint
Ready for painting!

The final test: will the pans fit into our custom designed crates? Answer: like a glove.

Unboxing the freshly-delivered pans, and scuffing the primer in preparation for paint.

Photos of the Elementary School Steelband Summit we organized at the Experience Project Museum's Sky Church last Friday. The three directors were our own Executive and Artistic Director Gary Gibson, Ben Leggett of Tri-Cities, and Obe Quarless from the Puyallup school district. This was an amazingly fun event, and EMP staff want a repeat! Perhaps we can make this an annual event there. Two of the songs were played as mass band tunes (as one large band). By the end of this thing, all the kids from the different schools were dancing together! Our thanks to Bonnie at the EMP, who coordinates their STAR Program (which this was a part of), and to the army of parents, volunteers, and school administrators and staff for helping make this thing happen!

Early June, 2016: Guess what just started showing up at the post office?

Three of our nine bass/cello carts, still under contruction, but on their casters.

This nice young man, Michael, volunteered his time to build our bass and cello carts in his woodworking shop up in Stanwood. This is what its all about – people working together to create something unique and wonderful here. The fancy casters that they'll roll on were sold to us at discount and delivered to us for free by Caster Solutions, Inc. of Monroe. The next step will be to add cushion to them (1/2" children's play mats). And then they'll be done!

basses under construction    TB & cellos
Some of our bass, tenor bass, and cello pans under construction!

New stands
New custom, height-adjustable tripod stands, built by Dennis Martin. It is all starting to come together!

Our first purchase: irons for the engine room!

Fundraising thermometer
In mid-December, 2015, we received a $35,000 grant that allowed us to order our instruments. In combination with existing (and forthcoming) grants, we reached our goal of raising $60,000!